Together, we work to broaden awareness of all the dimensions of Catholic Social Teaching through educational programs, outreach activities, and community-wide announcements in order to engage in and promote activities directed toward awareness of and action in unjust social problems.    

Helping in our Community


Barb's Baby Ministry

Barb’s Baby Ministry serves about 10-15 in-need-newborn babies and their young siblings each month by helping primarily single parents get a head start in life. A variety of services including Children’s Community Health Plan, Aurora Family Service, MHS Health Wisconsin, Community Centers, and Family Enrichment Centers help identify and screen the mothers in need. This Ministry is then able to provide clothing, toiletries and other essential items for the care of the newborn through donated items and new items purchased with donated funds.  


Prison Ministry

The Prison Ministry supplies Dignity Kits to men and women being released from prison.  These folks often have no personal items and are in need of soap, toothbrushes, shaving kits and shower supplies.  These items are collected year round and kits are assembled twice each year. 


Sandwich Program

Each month the Sandwich Program makes over 100 sandwiches for Hope House.  The sandwiches provided by this program are used for the men’s lunches and given away at the open window to anyone who asks.