Clergy Abuse Response


The Archdiocese of Milwaukee is committed to keeping children safe.

Informational Article - Response to Clergy Sexual Abuse of Minors (pdf)


Safeguarding All of God's Family

Safe Environment Education


There is a sacred relationship that exists between the Church and its members, whether they be adult or child. Sexual abuse, sexual misconduct, sexual assault, and/or sexual exploitation, when it occurs within the context of the Church, creates a tragic reality which misrepresents the Good News to those who have been victimized. Each and every instance of sexual violation of those who are the most vulnerable among us is a matter of the gravest concern and calls for an organized archdiocesan response so that healing may occur and the safety of the community can be assured.

The goal of the Safeguarding All of God's Family program is to protect our children and all in the church family from abuse and related dangers. 

The following requirements must be met prior to employment (all employees) or volunteer service (when the volunteer has contact with children):

  • Safe environment education for all clergy and religious (men and women), paid personnel and volunteers.
  • State and national background checks for all clergy and religious, paid personnel and volunteers, repeated at least every five years.
  • All clergy and religious, paid personnel and volunteers must read and sign a form acknowledging they have received and read the Code of Ethical Standards for Church Leaders.
  • All clergy and religious, paid personnel and volunteers must receive and read a copy of the Mandatory Reporting Responsibilities.

Please go to the Archdiocesan website for further information. 

Use the links there to access the resources needed for your participation in the program. 

If you have questions please contact our Parish Safe Guarding representative, Becca Bojarski 414-453-0300 ext. 26 or

Archdiocese of Milwaukee additional resources: Safe Environment Internet Resources.