Visits to the Homebound & Sick

Cannot Attend Weekend Mass? or Need Anointing?

There are various ways that we at MPH reach out to our parishioners who are homebound or sick.  No matter if you or your loved one is in the hospital, at home, or in an assisted living facility or a nursing institution, we want to know where you are so that we can better serve you!


We Can:

  • have one of our Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion bring Communion to you at your home/assisted living/nursing institution on a regular basis or even just a one-time visit in the hospital
  • ensure that you receive the Sunday bulletins and the monthly mailings
  • have a priest come to your location for a visit to administer the sacraments of communion & anointing

If you or your loved one is interested in receiving any of these services, please contact our Pastoral Minister, 

Margaret Rondeau at 414-453-5192 ext 39 or